Go Green with Colorscapes:
Through proper planning, planting, pruning and maintenance, we can enhance your outdoor living area all the while saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint! For years, we have added shade to cool our customers’ homes and living areas during the summer. These trees also double as privacy screens to protect them from cold winter winds. Not only will this transformation insure your assets, but it will increase your property’s value while adding beauty and oxygen to your yard and community that many future generations will be able to enjoy.

Rain Gardens & Landscape Construction
We offer unique, colorful, low maintenance, drought and deer tolerant landscape designs that are “Second to None”! We do all of our own work, including planting beautiful gardens, implementing expert drainage systems, installing fences, gates, and arbors, creating ponds, and even performing masonry work such as building patios, walks, and walls! “Seeing is believing!”


Expert Tree & Shrub Pruning, Shaping, and Restoration
We are large tree specialists. We perform difficult cutbacks, shaping, and removals. We also specialize in the restoration and maintenance of overgrown or stressed trees and shrubs. Through the ART of proper (hand) pruning, and feeding: We lessen and eliminate watering needs, enhance the character and beauty of the plant, increase it’s natural colors, and dramatically decrease maintenance needs.

Large Tree Planting
The handpicked trees that we integrate into our gardens offer instant shade and privacy screens. Through handpicking, we can insure that the trees going into your garden have good branch structure, shape, and hardiness to last for many years to come.

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